The Unhinged Team

Brandon Bielski

FounderGame DevStory WriterCharacter CreatorStream Personality


Unhinged is an LLC formed in June 2020. We're a Video Game Development company, with hopes to fill the hearts of video game players everywhere. We have only one member of the LLC; Brandon, and that's all we need right now. Eventually, we would love to hire more people for our next project.

Currently, we're developing our first video game, Lost Legend, and possibly a secret second game. It's a learning experience, and we're so glad you're joining us on our journey!

About The Stream

Unhinged LLC is officially made up of Brandon.

We love communicating with the community, and everyone who joins us on stream is appreciated!

About Brandon

Brandon is the brains of the game development operation. Although Adam and Brandon work together on the story and development of the game, its overall direction relies on Brandon's organized brain. Brandon does a fantastic job of pushing the development process where it needs to go. Brandon has a passion to make Lost Legend perfect, and he will push himself and others on the development team in the right direction until the project is complete.