*For some reason, Tidal only shows me the first 100 songs in the playlist even though its 400+ songs. Hopefully it shows you more, good luck. :c


Age: 26

Pets: 1 dog, 1 cat

Preferred Key-Switches: MX Blues or Greens

Favorite Game(s): Stardew Valley, To the Moon

Quick Auto-Biography:

Hi! I'm Adam Noble.  I'm a proud developer of Lost Legend. For the in-engine game-dev side of things, I usually stick to the more monotonous stuff. I go around and place trees, modify small things that need to change in events across the game, and things like that. Out of engine, I am solely responsible for the game's music. 

My friends claim I was a bartender in my previous life. I enjoy creating fun beverages in the evenings, and plain ice water in the morning and afternoon. I'll snack on most any junk food as long as it isn't spicy. 

You can usually find me either at work or at home, watching stupid YouTube videos.